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  • Improving Home Teaching

    Posted on June 24th, 2010 Cliff the Wino    Videos 1 comment

    Bishop Flat Lander outlines a new and improved home teaching program.

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    • A friend from ExMormonForums suggested we missed an option:

      I think you may have missed one of the cookie-cutter companion sets. It is two males, one about 50 something and the other is in his 20s just starting his family. The older “companion” always wears a white shirt and tie and tends to have body odor and bad breath. His white shirt kind of has a yellowish hue to it and is usually wrinkled. He is a Dry Priest and has had numerous callings in the ward, and likes to remind you of them. He controls the discussion, cannot remember your kids names or what they are up to, and has to be reminded every visit, as he asks the same questions every month. The younger guy stays quiet but is asked to say the closing prayer. He doesn’t always wear a white shirt and is uncomfortable during the entire visit while the older guy drones on. Sometimes the older guy lets the younger companion stumble through the lesson. Sometimes the older guy shows up without the younger companion because the younger guy couldn’t be reached (actually he is avoiding the older guy). After a few months, there has been a change in companions, and the older guy shows up with a different newly wed companion who has just moved into the ward. Rinse and repeat.

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