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  • Cultural Exchange and Sleep Over

    Posted on April 20th, 2009 Cliff the Wino    Other Leaders 1 comment
    Pope & Mope Work a Crowd Together

    Pope & Mope Work a Crowd Together

    Our friends at the Salamander Society have produced this genuine photograph of Pope Benedict XVI and President Thomas S. Monson, President Number XVI of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, waving to crowds in Rome after the Pope hosted Monson for a sleep over recently.  Apparently the two crazy kids thought it would be fun to swap religious clothing for a few hours.  Shortly after the above picture was taken, the two changed into cut-off shorts and T-shirts and went bike riding around Rome.  Moron Church of Latter-day Saints Prophet for Eternity Gordon B. Hinky was invited to attend the sleepover, but declined, because he is dead.

    Mormon and Catholic Church spokespeople refused to give specifics of what the Pope and “Mope” did during the sleep over, but S’mores, pillow fights, and experimenting with makeup were on the agenda.  Practical jokes were thought to be part of the night’s entertainment as well, but the spokespeople quickly quieted that rumor by saying the Pope always sleeps with toothpaste in his hair, and President Monson was already planning to get a tattoo reading “Kiss Me I’m Swedish.”

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    • Who are you to ridicule the Pope? He is the Holy divine chosen by My Lord in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name. I looked it up and he does NOT sleep with toothpaste in his hair, owing to the fact that he takes his nice white hair off at night and sets it on the night stand where little Swedish Guard Elves come in and do it up while he sleeps so he can be freshly coiffeured in the morning for the masses to come and kiss his ring finger and touch the hem of his lacy garments. (FOR THOSE WHO ARE MORON, THESE ARE NOT NOT NOT YOUR KIND OF GARMENTS).

      I also know for a fact that he would never ever have anything to do with the likes of T.Monsoon. There’s a lot of shameful things a Catholic Pope will do, inquisitions, Holocaust collaborators, etc. but hanging out with known Morons is just beneath even a Catholic Pope. I would ask that you stop defaming his holiness in such a manner or I shall get the Ignorati after you. Watch your back. Catholics are everywhere!!

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